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Euroregional citizenship

Shared identity: what unites us is the knowledge and acknowledgement of our differences and similarities. The construction of the Euroregional citizenship is a key element of our strategy.

In this field, the Euroregion is working on 4 lines of action:


Language is one of the main obstacles for cohesion and for the construction of the Euroregional citizenship. The Euroregion promotes the study of the four languages that exist in the territory: Basque, Spanish, French and Occitan. The use and learning of the Euroregion languages are crosscutting challenges that we address through different tools.

Within the framework of multilingualism, the Euroregion has developed, in collaboration with the Public Office of the Basque Language, a programme financed by POCTEFA to train French- and Basque-speaking bilingual primary teachers (Eskola Futura).


The cultural action of the Euroregion focuses on the development of projects, strategic collaborations and extensive revitalization resources. Its objective is to respond to the expectations of the agents of the Euroregional space. The updating of the 2014-2020 Euroregion Strategic Plan confirms the priority of developing culture and cultural mobility within the Euroregion.

Reinforcing culture in the cross-border area is achieved through strategic collaborations such as for the mobility and dissemination of Basque cultural creators and the creation of cross-border artistic relations within the Euroregion, and Zubiak: Cross-border broadcasting.


Young people represent the present and future of Euroregional citizenship. Mobility and exchanges among young people are still essential issues in the Euroregion.

The “Euroregional grant” was created to foster university mobility in the territory.

Le sport

Cross-border and Euroregional sport is carried out in different fields. A strategic collaboration in terms of cross-border rugby will permit the creation of a new cross-border action framework for Basque rugby.

These 4 lines of actions are developed, among other channels, through the call for “Euroregional Citizenship” projects.

Have you got a project, an idea for collaboration? Consult our call for projects on Euroregional citizenship.

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