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Open governance

The Euroregion acts along 2 lines

Promoting multilevel governance and managing projects

The Euroregion is a meeting place for agents who wish to work with its partners. We act as facilitators for cross-border cooperation. The technical team is working to provide advice and assistance in terms of European financing, opportunity areas, but also as a project facilitator (search for partners, information, …)

Likewise, the Euroregion is forming a series of working groups that are responsible for creating networks that will act as meeting points for stakeholders to be able to share actions relating to projects carried out; exploiting and allowing dormant projects to be combined with the Euroregion priorities. There are several working groups at the moment: forest-timber, social and solidarity economy, culture, youth, transport…

Increasing the visibility and positioning of the Euroregion

The Euroregion is present in the European context and gives greater visibility to projects developed in the territory. We are working in close collaboration with the delegations from the three regions in Brussels, and we participate in the European EGCT platform.

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