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Sustainable territory and transport

Improving the mobility of people and goods, watching over the preservation of the territory, guaranteeing the sustainable use of its resources, and optimizing its potential and attractiveness, through shared strategies.

The challenges are many: heterogeneity of infrastructures and transport services on both sides of the border; mass use of the road for goods transport; high opportunity costs generated by the delay in high-speed rail connection, coasts and natural spaces as a cooperation boosting element; opportunities in emerging activities related to natural resources; well-preserved natural heritage, etc.

To respond to all these elements, the Euroregion has been working, since it was created, on improving the mobility of people and goods in the Euroregional space, through mechanisms and actions, such as:

  • Improving passenger transport information by launching the Transfermuga portal. A website with multilingual information for citizens and visitors, that includes a cross-border route planner. Likewise, the Euroregion has supported and promoted other actions in this field, such as the installation of passenger information panels at SNCF stations, supporting the opening of transport authority data, etc.
  • Promoting and facilitating cross-border transport offer projects, introducing combined transport tickets, creating multimodal spaces, etc.
  • Carrying out diagnoses and studies on cross-border mobility, and different aspects relating to future cross-border transport offers,…

Thus, and to create a space for sustainable mobility, the Euroregion acts as a facilitator, supporting institutions in their mobility projects and helping citizens prepare their daily cross-border movements. All of this is thanks to short-term operational proposals, but also to mid and long-term dynamics in parallel to the deployment of new infrastructures in the territory.

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