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“Euroregional Citizenship” Call for projects

The call for projects provides economic support to promote cooperation actions among partners located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Euskadi Navarra region.

The Euroregional strategic plan ratifies the will to develop projects in the fields of citizenship, culture, and especially multilingualism to palliate the obstacles to cooperation.

> Next call for projects: Mai 2020

The priorities are as follows

Culture – support to creation

  • Creation and dissemination of artworks among cultural agents of the Euroregion.
  • Mobility and residencies of artists.
  • Collaborations in the field of creative industries.


  • Mobility of young people and exchanges between schools of the Euroregion, especially in the Basque-speaking space.
  • Development of Euroregional citizenship.
  • Development of a culture of cross-border meetings.


Engaging in outdoor sports, local sports, developing the social-educational dimension of sport (female sport, health sport,…)


Developing the use and management of Euroregion languages (Basque – Spanish – French – Occitan) promoting linguistic exchanges in the Euroregion space.


From May 21st to July 24th

September 2020

Project duration
The project duration cannot exceed 12 months from the selection notification date.

Who is the target public?

Associations, entities, private institutions,…
The projects must have at least one partner from each of the three regions that make up the EGTC Nouvelle-Aquitaine Euskadi Navarra.

How much?

The maximum amount of the subsidy granted by the Euroregion can reach 50% of the total project cost.

The project must have at least 20% self-financing.

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