Multilateral, multisectoral, multilingual, cross-cutting approach of the Euroregion means the implementation of several types of projects that will permit the active participation of everyone in the development of the territory in agreement with the needs, competences and objectives.

The Euroregion's devices

Financing and management of interregional European projects: transport, employment, education,…

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Call for projects

Subsidies are granted within the framework of an annual call for projects - divided into two sections - according to the themes defined by the Euroregion's teams: culture, multilingualism, youth, citizenship, economy of knowledge, innovation, research,…

The strategic partners

Operating devices that respond to the priorities of the Euroregion: mobility, student mobility: European campus of excellence, interlcustering, promotion of culture and of the Basque language, vocational training,…

International training and European citizenship: the moption of Euroregional mobility


Euroregion CCI Economic Collaboration


All our strategic partners

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