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Situation of mobility on our border

13.05.2020 Euroregion

The website of the French Embassy in Spain has published information referring to the return of French and Spanish citizens to their territory of origin. Among other instructions, citizens are advised to use road transport whenever possible. To reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, through movements within the European Union, the road borders between the two countries only remain open for essential authorized trips. The re-establishment of border controls means that access to the neighbouring territory is only permitted in the following cases:

  • People whose main residence is in France/Spain, as well as their spouses and children;
  • Residents in other member states travelling to their place of residence, as well as their spouses and children;
  • Health professionals travelling to exercise their labour activity;
  • Freight carriers, including sea crew;
  • Crews and personnel carrying out commercial and cargo flights, or who are travelling to reach their bases;
  • Certified staff as members of diplomatic and consular missions, as well as staff from international organizations with headquarters or offices in France/Spain, staff who have a special residence permit, or a D PROMAE visa;
  • Cross-border workers.

In the case of cross-border workers, if teleworking is not possible, they can cross the border to travel to their workplace. It is advisable to wait until the containment measures and border restrictions have been raised before starting a new work contract, given the current impossibility of travelling to Spain or to France to work for temporary assignments.

Cross-border workers must present the following certificates:

  • Derogatory international travel certificate to metropolitan France (also available on the website of the Ministry of Interior of France)
  • Supporting document for professional movement published by the Basque Government.

We recommend cross-border workers, who have to cross the border, to take with them proof of their working capacity (contract, wage slip, card,…), as well as proof of residence (census certificate, National Identity Card) to be able to pass any border control.

On the 13th of May 2020, the authorized crossing points that will remain open on the border with the Atlantic Pyrenees are the following:

  • The A63 motorway in Biriatu;
  • Departmental road 911 on Santiago bridge;
  • Departmental road 4 in Dancharinea;
  • Departmental road 933 in Arnegui;

For further information, visit the website of the French Embassy in Spain:

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