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The Euroregion will adapt its financial tools to combat the impact of COVID-19

14.04.2020 Euroregion

Given the current crisis situation caused by COVID-19, the Nouvelle Aquitaine, Euskadi, Navarra Euroregion is actively working to formulate a response to mitigate the effects caused by it.

In view of the expected socio-economic effects, we would like to play an active role in the recovery of cross-border normality.

We strengthen our commitment in the three priority axes of the Euroregional Strategic Plan 2014-2020 (Euroregional citizenship, economy of knowledge, and sustainable territory), not only through the Call for Projects, and/or other financial instruments of the Euroregion, but as a key player in terms of cross-border cooperation.

To this end, we will adapt our financial and working tools to minimize the impact of COVID-19 and promote a new cross-border dynamic.

The technical team of the Euroregion is at your disposal, by telephone, e-mail, or videoconference to answer any queries.

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