The Cross-border Choreographic Creation network, Atalak, adapts its Euroregion cultural development tools

28.04.2020 Good practices

In times when daily activity is interrupted because of COVID-19, the cross-border project partners have had to modify their actions. Some have managed to adapt the tools to the situation in order to ensure the continuity of their projects during lockdown. To share the good practices adopted by the beneficiaries of projects financed by the Nouvelle Aquitaine, Euskadi, Navarra Euroregion, the latter will disseminate a series of articles that start with the Cross-border Choreographic Creation Network, Atalak.

To continue developing synergies among its members during the health crisis caused by COVID-19, the Atalak Network, financed by the Euroregion since 2019, has organized, in mid-lockdown, a calendar of meetings that were really already planned as project activities for this year.

In all, six meetings have been proposed between April, May and June, with a round table format, in which partners, collaborators, creators and dancers of Atalak are invited to participate. The topics considered, related to the network development, are:

  • Choreographic creation (subsidies and aid from the Basque Government);
  • Training and professionalization;
  • Lockdown and its consequences for the creation and staging before the public (spaces and festivals);
  • Mediation, assessments, and development;
  • Documentation (dance digitalization in coronavirus, and its consequences).

The opening of the Denis Santacana experimentation laboratory in the Atalak virtual room is also scheduled for the end of June.

Atalak Network

Dantzaz is the leader of this choreographic creation cross-border network, which links the CCN Malandain-Ballet Biarritz, Baluarte Foundation, Tabakalera, Gipuzkoako Dantzagunea and the Vitoria-Gasteiz Theatre Network, as well as the Higher School of Dramatic Art and Dance of Euskadi, the Maurice Ravel Conservatory of Baiona-Biarritz and the José Uruñuela Conservatory of Vitoria-Gasteiz,  SGAE Foundation,  La Fundición and Azala.

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