Extraordinary measures – COVID-19

14.03.2020 Euroregion

Faced with the situation caused by COVID-19, the Nouvelle Aquitaine, Euskadi, Navarra Euroregion will adopt a series of measures as from Monday, the 16th of March:

  • promotion of telework,
  • not travel unless it is considered strictly necessary.
  • suspension of face-to-face meetings, both internal and with people outside the Euroregion.
  • reprogramme scheduled face-to-face events and/or meetings

Consequently, the Euroregion will close its doors to the public until further notice.

We will attend to any queries by telematic means (telephone, e-mail, videoconference,…)

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.


The technical team of the Nouvelle Aquitaine, Euskadi, Navarra Euroregion.

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